About Mamma Lucy

In the 1920s, Attilia, mother Lucia, inherited the “magic touch” of authentic Southern Italian cuisine.

Lucia was born and raised in Puglia, and from a young age developed a passion for cooking as her way of expressing love and affection towards others. As she grew up, she passed down her way of nurturing to her family and children, but most importantly, she always kept the simplicity of her recipes and the concept original, as it was passed on by her family for generations. One of her greatest desires was for her story to be passed on to others. Her art of cuisine is based on recipes from both the South of Italy and the North of Italy.

This ambition always characterized her philosophy. Her dedication inspired many people in her life.

Fabio, her 4th son, was devoted to fulfilling her concept of authentic cuisine from a young age. With dedication and persistence, he and his family decided a few years back, to take on and continue, bringing her tradition to this country.

This reason has pushed Fabio with strong support from his family, to make Mamma Lucia’s dream, a realization. A dream to pursue her traditions. We are proud to introduce our heritage to you.

Bringing Italy to your table,

Welcome to our family,

Mamma Lucia